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Each year the City of Newton determines fair market value of properties as of the prior January 1.

The Massachusetts Department of Revenue requires that assessments meet strict statistical tests to ensure that they accurately reflect the market and are applied consistently.

Questions about the assessed values should be directed to the Assessors Department at 617-796-1160.

The City of Newton issues quarterly tax bills. The first two tax bills, due on August 1 and November 1 are estimates, based on the prior year’s value. The third quarter tax bill, due on February 1, is the bill that shows the assessed value for the property and the tax rate. The fourth quarter tax bill is due May 1.

The third quarter tax bill is the only bill in the quarterly cycle on which an abatement application may be filed. The filing period runs from the time the third quarter tax bill is mailed in December until the due date of the tax bill (February 1).

Property owners who feel that their assessed value does not reflect fair market value may file for an abatement on an approved form. The forms are available in the Assessors Office from the time the tax bills are mailed in December through February 1 each year.

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